The New Humanity  Initiative Pillars

Our work is purpose-built on three core ethos - human equity, access and, leadership and inclusion - to shape the actions and commitment of the organization, our partners and the collaborative work to strengthen and create for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC)  individuals access to resource-based opportunities, improve their social and economic well-being throughout our society to actualize their full capacity.  The New Humanity Initiative's Seven-Pillar Framework for Conscious Relations™ mandates the crucial work, research, policy, advocacy, and engagement to bring about fundamental change for BIPOC in the following areas:


  • Economic Mobility

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Education & Community Development

  • Advocacy & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Leadership and Inclusion

  • Humanism & Conscious Civility

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Seven-Pillar Framework for Conscious Relations™

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Pillar 1

Economic Mobility

Strengthening the capacity and partnerships for racialized individuals to have equitable access to economic opportunities and pathways by identifying barriers, develop programs and solutions for bringing themselves, talents and skills to the workplace and society. Optimize emerging and existing strategic frameworks to align initiatives and programs to foster economic prosperity for racialized individuals with equitable access to business value chain, capital, financial resources and pathways to wealth creation.


Pillar 3

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Identify, develop and curate partnerships that strengthens an ecosystem that fosters creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation through education, programming, idea generation and creative challenge for racialized individuals.  The understanding that entrepreneurship and innovation are key pillars for economic growth, job creation and creative transformation, the need to scale programs and processes for racialized communities to optimize the advantages toward creating business value is essential. 


Through partnership with governments, development agencies and organizations build an inclusive innovation ecosystem by fast tracking policy and programs that induce vworking partnerships to create and disseminate innovations that relevant for underserved market through collaboration that creates and opens access to funding, commoditizing, internationalization and markets.

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Pillar 5

Advocacy & Stakeholder Engagement

Foster mutual understanding through advocacy with government, business and civil society through negotiation and stakeholder engagement that significantly increases capacity building and strengthening racialized individuals value-added experiences and professional expertise. 


Through advocacy and stakeholder engagement foster the establishment of mutual understanding and development amongst key societal partners, decision-makers and groups to bring key perspectives into organizations to enable opportunities and synergistic alignment. Effectively championing, views, interests and solutions for racialized individuals that facilitate inclusivity in business, community development and nation building.


Pillar 7

Humanism & Conscious Civility

The foundation of a just and equitable society is built on human exceptionalism and the crucial role of our humanity in harnessing consciousness, cognition and cooperation amongst sentient beings. The protection, respect and dignity of human beings regardless of class, race or creed is promoted to advance human growth, development and wellbeing in a democratic system where racialized individuals are equally respected and have access to social determinants of health and wellbeing to optimize societal benefits as a collective. 


Conscious civility is contextualized as the rationality and cultural transformation that is applied to morality, ethics and actions as a mechanism to harness the best of our humanity progressively through their relationships at all levels of collective society.  The application of wisdom—moral imagination, systems understanding, and aesthetic sensibility in the service of the greater good—are vitally important and can better be learned to harness ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ foster collective success.       

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Pillar 2

Health & Wellbeing

Increased investment in health and wellbeing issues are important to society and its citizens. The influence and impact of the social determinants of health for racialized individuals is crucial to active and healthy lifestyles, mental wellness, access to healthcare and strategies to promote wellbeing  to build resilient neighbourhoods and engagement in their communities. The creation of and access to supportive social and physical environments can improve their personal health practices and feelings of well-being to improve longevity. 


Fostering health and wellness programs in organizations and community  creates a healthy workplace for all that that promotes well-being, positive and safe environments that incorporate the physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being for racialized individuals.  Through exploration of strategies and combined efforts of employers, employees and society for the improvement of health and well-being of racialized individuals at work. Sharing techniques and programs that strives to make the workplace a more enjoyable place to optimize engagement and amplifying the best outcomes for individuals,  organizations and society.

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Pillar 4

Education & Community Development

Collective learning and education to support the building of character and capacity of racialized people from a culturally responsive and place-based learning approach.  Strengthen leaders and life-long learners to facilitate their personal, social and educational development from the tenets of culture, community and society. 


The strengthening of existing and ecosystems to development and implement lifelong access to high quality STEM education in educational institutions, organizations and communities. Develop sustainable learning that engenders racialized perspectives in our collective society that fosters understand and solve the challenges that our community, country and the world faces. 


The strengthening of community and society through  resource-based support to build capacity that fosters wellness, creativity, leisure, recreation and adventure that facilitates community development from the grassroots that enable and amplify the racialized voices, influence and place in our society.


Pillar 6

Leadership and Inclusion

Our society demands leadership that reflects the mosaic of diversity and a new paradigm of adaptability to foster citizenship and an inclusive culture. The need to look beyond traditional leadership models and frameworks is crucial to this new leadership capability and context required for racialized communities to build a resilient and inclusive society. Inclusion requires intentional commitment amplified by action to  build new ways of thinking and creating a societal and organizational culture that allows racialized individuals unique contributions to be valued, harness their talents and be empowered through engagement, and innovation programs to realize their full potential.


Collectively, the society, its organizations and citizens are expecting leadership and inclusion programs that optimizes equity, diversity and access for racialized individuals to be increased and incorporated in our changing reality and demand new mindset that will play a leading role in strengthening and amplifying impact.