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What We Do

The New Humanity Initiative’s (TNHI) commitment is the pursuit of  the advancement of racial equity, access, inclusion and belonging. It is an explicit outcomes-based approach that aligns our organization’s vision, mission, values and ethos in every aspect of our work. Through our Seven- Pillar Framework™ for Conscious Relations which forms the core of how we work, it is integral to the transformative engagement we do, that is interwoven into our programmes and partnerships on behalf of the communities we serve.

The New Humanity Initiative’s R.A.C.E.S. Model™ for Change builds on a shared commitment for both individuals and organizations to thrive in their communities. Building consensus on equitable outcomes and lasting transformation that centers our  humanity – and the roles we play in everyday life – personal, professional, social and recreational.  Through the exploration, engagement and examination of each stage of the model, it helps us to understand how our differences impact and enrich the communities we live, play and work.

R.A.C.E.S. Model™ for Change

The New Humanity Initiative’s R.A.C.E.S. Model™ for Change comprises stakeholder engagement with senior leadership working together to achieve outcomes-based solutions. The complementary inside-out approaches that allows individuals and organizations to thrive through integration, intention and intersectionality.   This builds on The New Humanity Initiative’s deep commitment to racial equity, access, inclusion and belonging that is interwoven in our collective efforts and our work.


Roadmapping our Reality, Relationships and Resistance

To foster real change, the need to acknowledge that there is challenge and create a pathway to resolve is crucial to building feedback. Do I understand what the challenge is?


Awareness Audit and Amplifying Intentional Actions 

Building on a process that is designed to understand collective values, awareness and actions.


Communicating Concerns and Building Consensus 

Identifying the sources and/or factors of racial inequities. Articulating concerns and building consensus around the challenge.

Enlivening Empathy and Equity through Exploration of Meaning
Fostering a culture of change with engagement as a crucial element by employing empathy, communicate expectations where the voices are heard, honoured and valued.

Do you know how to overcome the challenge?

Outcomes-Based Solutions and Success 

Facilitating pathways that amplifies actionable strategies and intent that leads to solutions and collective consensus to foster changing in attitudes, norms, behaviour, policies, procedures and practices.   Are you willing to commit to being a change agent?

Our work in advancing and promoting racial equity, access, inclusion and belonging is fostered through stakeholders perspectives and participation to reshape, expand and transform cultural norms, build awareness and social understanding through various organization-wide learning modalities, frameworks and opportunities like listening circles, workshops, conferences, executive roundtables, activities and events that amplify our humanity and celebrate our diversity.


The goals are purpose-fueled to strengthen our mission focused work, curate understanding, uncover gaps and address in a systematic and comprehensive way – engendering equity, access, inclusion and belonging for BIPOC communities, our allies and partners to address the unconscious bias and racism reifies the status quo.


Our work is situated in the journey every individual and organization takes, to give context, deeper understanding and meaning to the collective experiences which is essential to making the organization’s commitment to real change, real impact and transformational progress to advance racial equity in our organizations  and communities a reality.

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