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About The New Humanity Initiative

The New Humanity Initiative (TNHI) is a purpose-fueled organization that is a catalyst for fundamental change for racialized groups throughout Canada. Our mission is to strengthen inclusivity for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) who have faced systemic racism, oppression and social injustices through engagement, awareness, advocacy, and intentional actions.


We are emboldened by the call for a ‘new humanity’ that collectively promotes a ‘new

humanized social contract’ for all people. Our aim is to bring a new standard of human

relations embodied in the enduring aspirations of people, transformative change and people centered programmes that amplifies their human rights, civil liberties and political Engagement.


Our work is built on three core ethos - human equity, access and leadership and inclusion - to shape the actions and commitment of partners to strengthen BIPOC access to resource based opportunities, improve the social determinants of health and well-being throughout our society. The New Humanity Initiative's collaborative framework is a seven pillars process that mandates the crucial work, research, policy, advocacy and engagement to bring about fundamental change in the following areas:


  • Economic Mobility

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Education & Community Development

  • Advocacy & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Leadership and Inclusion

  • Humanism & Conscious Civility


The New Humanity Initiative's work is centered on respect, action, empathy, mindfulness and engagement in developing the next generation of leaders in 'Our Home and Native Land' across all sectors through our guiding principles:


  1. We believe that equity, access and fundamental human rights are cornerstones of a democratic society.

  2. We build an engaged community that values respect, integrity and an ethic of service in serving our communities to engender well-being, self-actualization and achievement.

  3. We build on the energies of leaders who are passionate about community engagement and foster open dialogue, collaboration, and truth.

  4. We build sustainable futures for people through civic engagement, ownership and responsibility to engender equitable community actions.

  5. We engender shared sense of duty through a commitment to collaborate to deconstruct systemic barriers to inclusion by collective empowerment of individuals through professional practice, growth and development.

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