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Interpreters for TSLIS provides linguistic and cultural mediation between hearing individuals who use English and Deaf individuals who use Sign Language as their first language. As there is no limit to where communication is needed, we will provide interpreting services in several different community and commercial settings.

Our interpreting services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Business & legal meetings

  • Conferences & workshops

  • Educational

  • Employment & staff  interviews

  • Weddings

  • Medical 

  • Trade shows & conventions

If you have an event that needs to be interpreted that is not on our list, or have any questions or concerns,  do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 

TSLIS also offers workshops and classes to facilitate the professional development of our interpreters. Click here for more information on our upcoming events, and how you can get involved and participate in the discussions surrounding communication accessibility and other issues specific to the Deaf community in the Greater Toronto Area and at large.

To view a sample of TSLIS President, Christopher Desloges, interpreting the Obama eulogy speech at the Nelson (Madiba) Mandela memorial, click here.

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