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Keynote Session, Panel Discussion and Voices In Action

Leadership and Change in Accounting & Finance is an immersive and interactive digital event with a view towards strengthening Economic Mobility for BIPOC Communities. It will feature curated conversations, engagement, and experience addressing anti-Black racism, crucial challenges, meaningful change and innovative impact in creating inclusive and equitable opportunities. 


Come and glean perspectives, learn best practices and processes that are making an impact on enhancing the experiences and wellbeing for black, indigenous and people of colour. This virtual online conversation will include our keynotes, panel discussion and concurrent Voices in Action segments featuring leaders in accounting and finance.

This is a needed conversation about shared experiences, ideas and new challenges about taking collective action on anti-Black racism and addressing issues to engender equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging in accounting and finance.


Learn what are some of the challenges and think about the ways that racism and ethnic identities are impacted by individual, systemic and societal barriers.

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