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Who  We  Are

The New Humanity Initiative® is a purpose-fueled not-for-profit organization committed to fundamental change for racial justice, equity and access for racialized individuals and communities throughout Canada


Our Mission

To strengthen inclusivity for racialized people who have faced systemic racism, oppression and inequities through engagement, awareness, advocacy and intentional actions.

What  We  Do

We are emboldened by the call for a ‘new humanity’ that collectively promotes a ‘new humanized social contract’ for all people. Our aim is to bring a new standard of human

relations embodied in the enduring aspirations of people, transformative change and people-centered programmes and processes that amplifies their human rights, liberty, dignity and capacity.


The New Humanity  Initiative Pillars

The New Humanity Initiative's Seven-Pillar Framework for Conscious Relations™ mandates the crucial work, research, policy, advocacy, and engagement to bring about fundamental change for racialized individuals.

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